CCI is a membership association for Christian residential organisations

For the past 30 years CCI has provided membership services to centres, organisations, churches and individuals involved in Christian Residential Ministry as well as resources for people looking for a venue or planning an event.

CCI members range from very small organisations up to very large ones. The diversity in CCI's membership helps strengthen the industry as many different types of organisations come together to help support one another.

Our members include:

  • Outdoor Activity Centres
  • Retreat Centres
  • Camps
  • Festivals
  • Conference Centres
  • Hotels
  • Venues providing opportunities for outdoor learning as part of the national curriculum
  • Volunteer and self employed service providers
  • Other individuals involved in Christian residential ministry

Speaking at Bible Colleges

Staff and Board members regularly speak at colleges to raise awareness of the Christian residential experience.
Please contact the CCI office if you would like someone to speak at your College.

Lobbying for Members’ Interests

In the past year CCI have been able to represent members’ views on a range of issues:
  • The Review of the Charities Act 2006
  • The Protection of Freedoms Bill – with reference to DBS checks
  • Equality Act
  • DBS Reviews and Access NI  (Access Northern Ireland)
  • English Outdoor Council survey
  • Youthwork National Occupational Standards (NOS) – with emphasis on belief, values and spirituality
  • Learning Away Report — Brilliant Residentials
  • The Department for Business Innovations and Skills (BIS) ‘Focus on Enforcement’ Volunteer Events consultation. This looks at regulatory activity that affects volunteer-based events, and wants to hear about good or bad experiences in dealing with regulatory authorities. CCI submitted a response in connection with the impact on voluntary organisations of the 1992 EC Directive on Package Holidays.
  • RIDDOR Consultation.